folk festival at Montrejeau
Luchon flower festival

Local events

Throughout the year, there are many local fetes and festivals. During the summer months each village will celebrate its own “Fete Locale”, normally held over several evenings. The main annual events are detailed below:

When... Where... Festival...
February Luchon International TV and movie festival
May St Gaudens Festival de  Jazz en Comminges
June Mauleon Barousse Transhumance event
July Saint-Beat Sculpture and marble festival
  St-Bertrand-de-Comminges Classical music festival
  Midi Pyrenees Tour de France
  Troubat Light shows
  Marciac Festival Jazz
August Loures Barousse Cheese festival
  Luchon Flower festival dating from 1888
  Montrejeau Folk festival
  St-Bertrand-de-Comminges Classical music festival
September Loures Barousse Rock festival
October Toulouse Organ festival
  Toulouse Jazz festival
December Mauleon Barousse Christmas market